Around the campsite

L’oppidum d’Ensérune

The oppidum of Ensérune is an archaeological site comprising the remains of an ancient village.
This village was occupied between the 6th century BC. AD, and the 1st century AD. Since the end of the 17th century, the Canal du Midi has passed south of the hill from the Malpas tunnel to the south-east1. According to archaeological finds, the site is permanently occupied by a group of the Elisic population from the 6th century BC. AD in the 1st century AD. AD, with real urban development from the end of the fifth century.
He found a certain prosperity with the founding of Narbonne by the Romans in -118 and finally he died around the first century of our era.

Le canal du midi

The Canal du Midi is a navigation channel that connects Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea.
The Canal du Midi is one of the oldest canals in Europe still in operation. Since 1996, it has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Pierre Paul Riquet

The canal du midi project was initiated by Pierre Paul-Riquet who will invest on his own funds to complete the canal. The work lasts from 1666 to 1681. The canal passes through Béziers, a town near Nissan lez Enserune and spans the river l ’ Orb.